Bucks day in Geelong.

with Andys Trails Ale-Blazers Beer Tour.

A day in the life of a recent bachelor party that went on our AleBlazers Craft beer tour.

‘We neither encourage or discourage this behaviour’

Except for DaveWe strongly discourage Dave


Wake up. Check your Facebook feed. Download one of those apps that stop you from texting your ex after 5pm, it will be called ‘clockblock’ or something similar.

Have a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, you know the drill

Put beer on your weetbik. This is no drill. It will taste foul but this day only comes once


Drink strong strong coffee. Even if you don’t normally drink coffee – in fact that could be better. No harm in having some caffeine pills on stand by.

Don’t take any caffeine pills from Dave, that’s ecstasy.


Meet the lads at the local brewery. If you are the best man then buy everyone a round of beers to kickstart this day

Don’t let Dave swap any beers around. Dave has laced his beer with ecstasy.


Meet your tour guide Andy and act like your all going to behave for this bucks day and pile everyone into the Andys Trails bus for a day of beer and creepy jokes about strippers by uncle Jim and the bride’s dad


First stop. Everyone is a bit nervous and ready to enjoy a round of different craft beer paddles and learn about where the beer comes from.
No one is wearing  dresses but there is talk of dressing the groom up as the day progresses.
Favourite beer at this stop – the pale. Dave is speaking loudly.


Second stop. Buy everyone a round of tequilas whilst Andy the tour guide gets everyone a round of craft beer paddles.
Slightly listen to where the beer comes from.
Uncle Jim complains this brewery doesn’t have any topless bartenders with tassels on.
Stop Dave from skulling all his beers at once. Favourite beer at this stop – the IPA



Third stop. Apologise to Andy for the 6 toilet stops on the way.
Find a table out in the beer garden next to the brewery whilst andy gets everyone a round of craft beer paddles and a burger cooked with the local ale batter.
Dave wanders off yelling about finding a pool of beer.
Pretend to care about where the beer comes from but still enjoy them. 
Get a round of Jager bombs.
Watch Dave almost drown in the urinal.
Listen to the brides dad talk about the time he slept with a stripper. last year.
Lunch is amazing  Favourite beer at this stop – the cold one


Fourth stop. Ask if you can swap your fancy beer for a VB. Get offended by the look on Andy the beer tour guides face.
Dave might be dead.
Don’t listen at all to Andy telling you where your beers come from. Enjoy them all the same and think about what your going to text to your ex.
Favourite beer at this stop – the VB

Gary drinks a the wrong beer on a Andys Trails Craft Beer Tour


Fifth Stop. Make Andy drive the beer truck through Maccas drive through and everyone pull their pants down for the 16 year old maccas attendant causing irreversible emotional damage.
See uncle Jims balls and regret the pants down thing.
Have something that you found in Dave’s pocket. Favourite beer at this stop – Big Mac


Sixth Stop. Last brewery. Pretend to be sober whilst walking in.
Do a round of expensive tequila.
Enjoy the round of beers with your tour guide Andy.
Throw your phone at Dave when it won’t let you text your ex and hug the father of the bride who just punched uncle Jim.
Dance on table in the nude with Dave and get confused when your kicked out of the venue by the large security guard. 
Favourite beer at this stop: when you all sang Aussie Aussie Aussie

Bachelor Party with Andys Trails


95% of our beer tours are wonderfully behaved and we thoroughly enjoy running them and showing people some amazing venues in our outstanding region. Don’t take life too seriously. Dave is a fool. 

Places we love to visit on our beer tour that may or may not be venues that had the pleasure of Dave and his mates. 

Blackmans Brewery in Torquay. Rogue Wave Brewing at Aireys Inlet Pub. Mt Duneed Brewing just out of Geelong. Little Creatures & White Rabbit Beer Hall In Geelong town