Did you know Collingwood was named in 1842 after the Collingwood hotel?

A entire suburb named after a local pub has to be a good sign. Melbourne’s hippest neighbourhood and its blue-collar origins are evident in its workers’ cottages and converted warehouses, which today house back alley bars, original art galleries and single origin cafes. Were you aware Collingwood was originally the shopping mecca of Victoria?

It is a little known piece of Australian brewing history that, in the late 1800s, the Collingwood neighbourhood had as many as 40 breweries, the highest density ever in Australia, before amalgamations and buyouts saw them all closed by the early 1900s.

Let our guide tell you tales about history of this well know Melbourne institution whilst indulging in a huge range of local craft beers 

Each tour tells Collingwood’s history and stories of the people behind it whilst highlighting the current craft beer culture

 The Craft n' Co

Incorporating a brewery, distillery, winery, eatery, bar & cellar door across two sites, there's always things to eat, drink, make, learn or shop for at the The Craft & Co!

 The 5 taps are regularly changing & focus on experimental releases from overseas breweries....

"Slowbeer is our take on the slowfood movement that started in Italy. It emphasizes regional character, quality ingredients & above all appreciation of the experience, in essence the opposite to fast food. With this in mind it seemed apt that we choose slowbeer as a means of conveying similar attributes of the now global craft beer revolution."

The Mill Brewery

A Collingwood beer and burger joint, hold the 'craft' snobbery. Melbourne has been hankering for something like this for a while. Enter The Mill Brewery.

Le Bon Ton 

Saloon-style joint with a smokehouse and beer garden, for Southern US-style grills and absinthe.

The Stomping Ground

an independent craft brewery based in one of Australian brewing's original stomping grounds. A brewery in Collingwood that doesn't feel like one.

  • This tour includes a wide range of different ales and lagers for each beer drinker
  • Numbers per trail: we have a limit of 15 people per trip. 
  • GROUP EVENT: Groups of 16 and over please contact us at andy@andystrails.com.au 
  • Venues may change due to availability. Trust me – we will find good beer
  • Please note: As food is not included on this tour & we are drinking quite a bit of beer it is highly recommended to have a substantial meal prior to commencing the tour


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