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  • October 6, 2017

The Aireys Pub (1904) is a Great Ocean Road icon. Located on site, Rogue Wave Brewing Co. creates a variety of premium beers, from clean crisp pilsners, sessionable lagers, wheat beers and pale ales to funky unfiltered IPA’s. No artificial ingredients or additives. Just pure, fresh, local, Australian made beer.

When a brewery names one of their beers “Cranky Mrs” you know you’re going to have a good time. 

The Aireys Pub has been an icon of the Great Ocean Road since 1904. It closed early 2011, but was wrestled away from developers and back into the hands of the people who give a damn in late 2011. 

Locals determined to keep the Aireys Pub from turning into another mainstream corporate crap machine with a big neon sign flashing ‘pokies’ outside managed to do just that and keep the classic venue in the hands of those that truly care about what a great hospitality venue should be. A feeling that grows over into their beer production as epitomised by a quote on their website: “Our beer is a continuation of our lifestyle. We won’t be told what mass produced beers we have to put on tap by some foreign owned, multinational, beer factory.”

The beers are 100 per cent Australian owned, brewed, and delicious, with internationally award winning beers the brand is rapidly expanding across Victoria. Catering to all beer lovers from your regular drinker to your ‘class A’ beer connoisseur. Which is why we are excited to include Rogue Wave Brewing in our Ale Blazer Craft Beer Tours

The beers range from the easy drinking Salt, a popular pale lager with label art that wouldn’t look out of place on a surfboard, to the rather lager Cranky Missus, a medal winning 8.2 percent ABV double IPA, with plenty in between. The one you might have seen around the traps is their Moby Pale Ale, a fruity but balanced affair with the tagline “Drink a Pale, Save a Whale” from which they donate part of the profits to the Sea Shepherd organisation.

Whether you are after an evening out or a cold one to takeaway, this place is a Great Ocean Road gem not to be missed.

We love stopping here as their tasting paddles are the best on our beer tours!

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