Andy's Trails drinking craft beer on the great ocean road


  • January 2, 2018


The Great Ocean Road conjures images of white sand, rugged cliff faces, territorial surfers and Australian Bushland – mostly. Lately the region has exploded in a shower of delightfully hoppy craft beer – no longer the property of bearded hipsters in suburban Collingwood, craft beer has now been embraced by Geelong and the Surf Coast Region. 

Here are our favourite venues to toast an ale in while travelling through one of Australias most breathtaking regions. 


TEN: Embrace your inner hipster at Blackmans Brewery Bar and Restaraunt

Blackman’s Brewery is located on the seaside surfer’s haven Torquay and their philosophy is simple- we love good beer. A locally owned brewery they’ve created a perfect venue for enjoying good beer, good food and enjoying a relaxing day at the pub. With beers called Ernie, Reginald, Arthur and Mervyn it’s always going to be a vast range of beers on offer. The Pizza isn’t half bad either!  26 Bell St, Torquay 


NINE: Cheers with the Locals at Rogue Wave Brewing at Airey’s Inlet Pub

When a brewery names one of their Beers “Cranky Mrs” you know you’re going to have a good time (it’s a 8% double IPA fyi). Having wrestled the Airey’s Inlet pub away from developers and mainstream beers this venue embodies the local surfing spirit. With the help of a tasting paddle and a wide range of craft beers you’ll find something for every palate. 45 Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet 



EIGHT: Watch out for actual Sharks at Wye Beach Hotel

You would be forgiven for driving right past this Surfside venue mistaking it for another carlton draught swilling, bad parmie eating country pub – but it is not. Wye Beach Hotel is one of the best coastal pubs in Victoria and it has one of the most versatile and interesting range of craft beers (all regional) on offer you can find. Sit on the balcony directly overlooking the great ocean road, listen to some local tunes, drink a local triple smoked raspberry stout and stay forever. 19-21 Great Ocean Rd, Wye River



SEVEN: You can’t see the beers for the Forrest Brewing Company 

Forrest Brewing Company promotes itself as equal parts microbrewery, eating place and mountain bike hangout. Located in the renovated general store in the country town of Forrest it neighbours the Otway Ranges rainforest and is famous for mountain biking. Enjoy local seasonal produce for lunch whilst pairing with Forrest’s very own brewing company beers. You can even peek through the window to see the brewing process happening. Nothing quite tastes like a craft beer coming straight from the tank to the tap. 26 Grant St, Forrest 


SIX: Experience the brewery at Otway Estate Prickly Moses

The Otway Estate Brewery is home to Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer and Forbidden Fruit Ciders. Situated in Barongarook in the beautiful Otway Ranges this brewery is an experience all on it’s own. Taste the difference drinking craft beer made from pure Otway rainforest water while surrounded by the stunning natural environment- you’ll never want to leave!  10 Hoveys Rd, Barongarook




FIVE: Ask them about Babe at Sow & Piglets Brewery 

The Sow and Piglets Brewery is named after the original name for the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell. It’s located meters away from the main beach of this stunning coastline and a definite destination brewery. They are dedicated to using local produce and are growing with the farmers in the region, but do have a decidedly international taste to their beers. Well worth the drive! Sadly I didn’t see one single pig though, just putting that out there, slightly misleading. 18 Tregea St, Port Campbell 


FOUR: Catch some tunes at Odyssey Tavern Brewery

One of the first to embrace the craft beer scene in Geelong and surrounds is Odyssey Tavern and Brewery. With a relaxed vibe with amazing beer friendly food and eight taps pouring nothing but craft beer including their own range of spectacular beers it is easy to see why they pull in such a large crowd. Ask for Pete. Don’t ask for Sharon.  611 Surf Coast Hwy, Mount Duneed



THREE: Experience a little rabbit creature at Little Creatures & White Rabbit Brewing

After their huge success in Fremantle, Little Creatures decided it was time for the east coast to experience all they had to offer. With the most efficient brewery in the Southern Hemisphere they’ve opened one of the most exciting and welcoming brewery bars you’ll find. Having built inside shipping containers and quirky landscaping and interior design, half the fun is getting to the bar! Whether you’re going on their brewery tour or enjoying Andy’s shout you’ll be putting this down as a place to visit again

Andy's Trails drinking craft beer on the great ocean road


TWO: The winery making craft waves at Mt Duneed 

Mount Duneed Estate is the home to “A Day on the Green” concerts and festivals so naturally the Mt Duneed Brewing Company produced their own craft beers to celebrate. Once home to only the grape variety beverages –  they now produce award wining craft beers In conjunction with ciders from the Pettavel Road Brewing Company – a sampling paddle is a fantastic way to get the day started! With all these inspiring craft beer venues opening and producing world class ales there is only one way to experience them all with our number one spot. Mt Duneed is located at :65 Pettavel Rd, Waurn Ponds



ONE: Experience all the craft beer with Andy’s Trails Andy's Trails drinking craft beer on the great ocean road

Now they all sound so good the first question is “but how do I see all of these places while not getting pulled up by the local fuzz for drinking 24 pints of IPA?”. The answer is simple – book a tour with Andy’s Trails and let Andy be the driver. Andy’s Trails are full immersion tours across Andy’s most loved parts of Victoria’s Surf Coast. A passionate local team dedicated to giving people the best local craft beer experience possible makes the Ale Blazers tour the perfect way to experience the regions craft beer scene. 

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