Top ten things to do on the Great Ocean Road

Top ten things to do on the Great Ocean Road

“It’s possible to drive the entire length of the Great Ocean Road in a day … But who wants to do that “

Explore the world’s greatest route and see all there is to see. Also Isn’t Point Break a great movie?

Great Ocean Road used to be associated with large apostle like rocks that fell down and Patrick Swayze swimming out to the 50 year storm while the deluded cops say they will get him when he comes back in. Neither of things are bad but they can get repetitive.  These days you can spend a week traveling the 243 kilometre stretch and be thoroughly entertained at every stop.

Craft Beer Trail. 

Once a desolate land for beer lovers the start of the great ocean road is starting to gather inspiration from the large hipster town on the horizon. Venues such as Blackman’s Brewery in Torquay and Aireys Pub – Rogue Wave Brewing in Aireys inlet are leading the charge in producing world class craft ales. Blackman’s Brewery are pumping out new amazing ales of all styles left right and centre  whilst  Aireys Inlet is the perfect example of how a locals seaside pub can be successful with epic craft beers instead of VB and Pokies. Andys Trails beer tours are proud to include these craft beer heroes on the Ale Blazer craft beer tour. Travel even further up the coast and discover Sow and Piglets, the Port Cambell Brewery bar keeping the locals stocked in some amazing Ales (Nitro Strawberry Stout anyone?)     Did you know: Two new Craft Brewery’s are in the works for the area as I write this. Great Balls of Excitement.

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Blackmans Brewery in Torquay


Scenic route.

So yeah, what sort of Great Ocean list wouldn’t include the scenic route! It is Epic. It was built by war veterans before excavating tools existed, it’s the worlds largest war memorial. It is National Heritage Listed. It was in the movie Point Break

The shipwreck coast line is quite literally one of the worlds most picturesque drives – superhint: take a tour and be a passenger. The stops you need to see – Twelve Apostles (a group of rock formations down to 8 as they fell down), Gibson steps (named after people literally fell down the steep incline), London Arch (used to be called London bridge till it fell down) and Loch Arc Gorge (named after the Loch Arc shipwrecking where 52 of the 54 crew drowned which is like falling down)

Did you know: in 1924, the steamboat Casino became stranded near Cape Patton after hitting a reef, forcing it to jettison 500 barrels of beer and 120 cases of spirits. The workers on the great ocean road obtained the cargo, resulting in an unscheduled two-week-long drinking break. 


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Hike through a rainforest

Still into the scenic stuff but find that 42 million tourist taking photos is a bit too much? Explore Great Ocean Road with Andys Trails toursDon’t stress, there are some outstanding walks and hikes along the Great Ocean Road and more often that not they are not too populated (till we wrote this list, if everyone on the internet reads this then it may be slightly populated now). For those who want to have an adventure like the kid in ‘into the wild’ then the Great Ocean Road walk is a 8 day trek taking in epic coastal views and blisters the size of a beer can. For the rest of us mortals check out these day walks for some amazing small hikes.

Eskerine River walk (take the route from Lorne Caravan Park for a day walk without the masses).

Allenvale Mill to Phantom Falls Walk. Another great waterfall walk through Lorne’s hinterland.

Beauchamp Falls.  Walk through magnificent mountain ash forests with large myrtle beech, blackwood and thick ferns to arrive at the spectacle of the Beauchamp Falls 

Lorne Pub – (seriously its huge and you can get lost in the beer garden in summer).

Did you know: If you go on a 2 day hike with a bottle of Champagne instead of backup water the people walking with you will call you a wanker and tell you to go back to writing bad blog posts for Andys Trails?



  • Sky diving over the Great ocean Road

See it from the sky

Yep – learn to fly like superman and dive bomb tourists right at the great ocean road sign. With no pants on. 

Ok fine – what we meant was join one of the many helicopter trips along the Great Ocean Road and see this truly amazing route from the sky, or for the more adventurous – skydive over Bells Beach and see a view the rest of dream about. Just don’t do it during the 50 year storm. Those waves are HUGE.

Did you know:  Keanu Reeves wasn’t the first choice to play Johhny Utah, the producers wanted Charlie Sheen or Johhny Deep.


Surf at Iconic Bells Beach and re enact Point Break

Bells beach is one of Australias premiere beaches, known for the International rip curl championship and that finale in Point Break
….. I Just researched this some more and have since discovered that the stormy finale in point break was in fact filmed at Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, off Hwy101,two miles north of Cannon Beach, Oregon even though they told us it was Bells Beach Australia

Screw you Bodhi



Live wire park

A very new addition to the Great Ocean Roads Attractions  – Live Wire Park is the adventure park located in Lorne. Zip Lines, Zip Coaster, Rope Courses, a treetop Canopy Circuit, this place is the perfect outdoors adventure day for the whole family. Visit this place asap before some Sharon sues them when she drops her iPhone.

Did you know: Live Wire park has 66 reviews on Facebook and they are all 5 out of 5 except for Steve who said he did it all in 1.5 minutes… Really Steve? 1.5 Minutes Steve? With Kids? It takes my kid 1.5 minutes to put on one sock.

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Explore Great Ocean Road with Andys Trails toursEat too much chocolate at the Chocolaterie

The Great Ocean Road has a chocolate factory. Much Like Willy Wonka’s factory but without the midget slavery and the child drowings. You have never seen this much cocoa goodness, the variety of chocolate (and ice cream) is outstanding. From the quirky family friendly surrounding grounds to the bowls of free chocolate as you walk in – this is a must for chocolate lovers or even chocolate ‘kinda likers’, although if you have a lactose intolerance it could be the worse place on earth.

Did you know: Rocky Road is an Australian Invention, if you liked that fact you can find my address on google and send me rocky road.




Whales in Warrnambool

At Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool between June and October you can see the spectacular southern right whales and blue whales as they make their annual migration to Victoria’s coastal waters. In 2009 a pod of Killer whales rocked up and chased the right Wales away whilst locals looked on! The whales can be seen from within 100 metres of the specially constructed viewing platform.

Did you know: Once my sister won a family trip to Warrnambool to see the whales from the Hobart Museum. They sent us at the time of year when the whales were no-where near Warrnambool. Good one Hobart Museum.

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Surf World Museum… I guess. 

Torquay has a Surf World Museum, kinda. I mean it’s called a surf world Museum and it always gets included on great ocean road things to do lists, but Im pretty sure its just a bunch of surf shops. If your museum idea includes isles of different coloured thongs whilst a 15 year old in a hoodey asks if you want to try some different coloured thongs or hoodies on then yeah, its totally a surf museum. Hang Ten. 


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