Discover and celebrate the rich bounty that the Otway Ranges Harvest Trail has to offer.

Our specially designed gourmet trail tour is filled with locally produced craft beer, fresh seasonal paddock to plate produce, wine tasting, berry gins and home grown ciders, designed to celebrate the grassroots local businesses in this luscious part of Victoria and provide you with an authentic tourism experience.

Our tour includes a large lunch and drinks at award winning venues. 

We travel through the fertile soils of the rolling hills in the Otway hinterland to where regional communities meet rainforest 

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Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm is the oldest working berry farm in the South West of Victoria. During the peak berry season they have ‘pick your own’ raspberries, blackberries and many more! They’ve gone one step further with their berries and infused them with gin to produce their very special berry gins- Raspberry Gin, Brambleberry Gin, Boysenberry Gin, Marionberry Gin and Jostaberry Gin to name a few! In addition to this they also produce their own home grown crucible cider! Included on this tour: Gin & Cider Tastings with a platter of local foods

Forrest Brewing Company promotes itself as equal parts microbrewery, eating place and mountain bike hangout. Located in the renovated general store in the country town of Forrest it neighbours the Otway Ranges rainforest and is famous for mountain biking. Enjoy local seasonal produce for lunch whilst pairing with Forrest’s very own brewing company beers. You can even peek through the window to see the brewing process happening. Nothing quite tastes like a craft beer coming straight from the tank to the tap. Enjoy local seasonal produce for our lunch whilst pairing with Forrest’s very own brewing company beers   Included on this tour: A paddle of local beers and locally sourced lunch 

Yeowarra Hill wines are produced from fruit grown solely from the Yeowarra Hill family-owned vineyard, nestled in the Otway Ranges hinterland near Colac. From vines planted in 1988, Yeowarra Hill began handpicking its first commercial crop in 2006 after meticulous pruning led to excellent fruit in low yields.  Included on this tour: A wine tasting session 

Otway Estate Winery and Brewery occupies a forest clearing in the northern foothills of the Otway ranges. Set amidst the backdrop of native eucalypts the estate is home to a winery and a craft brewery. The Prickly Moses brewery  offers over 20 varieties of Beer and Cider. Included on this tour: A paddle of craft beers and a platter of locally produced food 

Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie Be amazed by 20 varieties of ice cream, decadent desserts, 7000 different truffles, 250 delectable chocolate varieties using seasonal ingredients all handmade on site by the Oompa Loompas…. or chocolatiers! Settle down in the café for a hot chocolate like no other, or escape outside into tranquil landscaped coastal garden- look out for the ice cream kangaroos!!!

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